Armagnac – Manor House


* early 19th century manor house

* Large two-bedroomed gite (150m²)

* One-bedroom studio flat

* Extensive out-houses, duck-transformation plant, garages etc

* Pool and summer kitchen

* 47 hectares of pasture and woodland including a pigeon-shooting site

* € 824,000

In the western part of Gascony, where the Armagnac vineyards meet the eastern fringes of the great forest of Les Landes, this estate thrives on local and international tourism. The main house – a compact and expertly-restored manor house – is let out as a holiday home during the summer months. The owners live in the large gite. But it could easily be the other way round.

The gite is part of a bigger complex which used to be a duck processing plant … on an artisanal scale. This is foie gras country and the duck is king! The essential organs of this plant have been preserved: cold rooms, tiled floors and walls, personnel quarters and it could serve as a restaurant kitchen without any great changes.

The manor house has three fine reception rooms on the ground floor and five big bedrooms and 4 bathrooms upstairs. Fully-furnished and decorated with a fully-equipped kitchen.

The estate supports quite a few horses at present although there is no attempt made to create an ‘equestrian gite’ or activity. It also includes a ‘palombière‘, an area in the woods reserved for attracting and shooting migrating wild pigeons, which are only found in this part of France.

Our opinion: This is a well run estate with the manor house bringing in a steady income throughout the summer weeks. (It rents at €2500+ per week). The owners have a delightful home, spacious and comfortable, in the grounds. One could continue to run it as is and live peacefully ever after. Or, one could use the manor house as a B&B, turn the duck plant into a restaurant, encourage horse-lovers to come and use the facilities and trails throughout the region, re-build the ruined house on the estate, etc etc.